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the surviving members of the team will be recognized. Lauded. Cheered. Celebrated. "I think there an old clich that covers what happening now better late than never, Hooks said sitting in his living room
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cheap jerseys many laps as plays Neither Raymond Hooks nor Reuben Butler played much football before starting high school at Booker T. None of the players had. Oh, they tossed around the football every now and again, but there were no youth football leagues then, no organized teams in the middle schools either. Booker T. coach Albert Scott not only taught them the game but also molded them into a team. "He was good, Butler said, "but he meant business. There was no drinking, no smoking and no sweet treats during the season. One player had to put his cigarette in his pocket to keep
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had on the landscape of
cheap jerseys top American higher education and collegiate athletics. In regard to the latter, Father Ted’s leadership in the areas of civil rights, gender equity and presidential control of college athletics changed college sports for the better
cheap jerseys and created a road map that we at Notre
cheap jerseys china Dame continue to follow to this day." Natalie Achonwa (former basketball player): "ThankYouFrTed for being our example, teacher leader." Jimmy Clausen (former football player): "Very sad day for the Notre Dame family, as we have lost the great Fr Hesburgh. Prayers are with the Hesburgh family RIP WeAreND." Skylar Diggins (former basketball player): "Father Theodore Hesburgh. What an amazing man. So blessed to have met and talked with him. His legacy will live forever." Mike Golic Jr (former football player): "Saddened to hear of the passing of Father Hesburgh. Hesburgh. WeAreND" Brandon Newman (former football player): "Father Hesburgh was one of the most influential leaders